how does it work?

These fresh mint flavor strips taste great while it dissolves in your mouth and immediately begins to calm your anxiety and daily stresses, allowing you to enjoy the moment.

Oral thin strips are made to dissolve in your mouth allowing the natural herbal extracts to enter your body’s system faster. This makes them more bioavailable than products like tinctures, gummies, or soft gels. Most supplement products are ingested which means it takes hours to feel the effects, with oral strips the effects can be felt almost instantly. Try for yourself!  

quick & easy

Taking up less space than a credit card, you can carry these with you anywhere you go. The gym, work, vacation, all these places that it was hard to bring your supplements with you is no more. Now it is as simple as 1,2,3:  

10-day supply


What Our Customers Say

"I have looked for a product like this for so long! I always get anxious during meeting, parties etc. But with this product I am able to take one and instantly feel calm and relaxed. Best part is I can carry it everywhere and it taste great!"
- Don
"I love being outside and constantly travel. It was always hard to take my products with me but with ThinVitamins I can carry them in my bag no problem. Not to mention it helps me when I get anxious during my flights."
- Michelle

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