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Our Story

ThinVitamins was started to make a new innovative product that was easy to take and fit the lifestyle of everyone. We always thought there was a better way of taking CBD and supplements. For years these products have come in the same form, capsules, powders, tinctures, and gummies. All of these products had a hard time checking all the boxes. Tinctures were always confusing and carrying them around was the hardest part always leaking and breaking really easily. Gummies came along and provided such an enjoyable way to take supplements and CBD but hey were big and bulky to carry, and they melted if left in the car or just in the sun. Capsules and powders required water, were hard to carry and always took a long time to work. There was no product that was easy to take and carry everywhere. Oral strips are smaller then a credit card and can be taken discreetly anywhere. Dissolving quickly in your mouth without any nasty film left in your mouth allowing the effects to be felt in minutes.

Oral Strip Technology

Oral strips are made to dissolve into your sublingual or buccal cavity tissue and enter your bodies blood stream directly bypassing the first-pass metabolism. Because it is dissolving into your tissue it is more bioavailable then standard products such as: powders, tinctures, gummies, and capsules. Because of the bioavailability the effects can be felt quicker. Each strip has exact dosage in it so you never have to worry about it being off. Strips are also flavored to provide a great experience while you take them. The strips are thin, to dissolve quickly, and not leaving any film behind in your mouth like other strips might.

Why oral strips

This checks all the boxes for the perfect lifestyle CBD and supplement product. It is easy to carry, simple to take, and easy to maintain. Does not need water, effects are fast acting so you don’t have to time anything just take them when you feel the need. Oral strips are the most convenient, fast, way to take CBD and supplements.   

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