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Our Customer Stories

Why people love and feel better with ThinVitamins

“Focus is a lifesaver when taking my college finals. I genuinely don’t think I would have been able to pass my exams without ThinVitmains Focus strips keeping me on track. I really like how easy it is to just throw them in my bag, and use them when I need them. I never had to worry about them melting or breaking. They’re really great for coming on the go with me. It gets an A+ from me ”

Leanna Loza

Marketing Professional

“Being a mother of 3 toddler boys, my days are filled with ups, downs, and my nights are often interrupted. ThinVitamins have been great because they provide what I need when I need it in a very simple way to consume and fast acting as well. That is what I like most if how fast the results come on. Being able to take them without water is so convenient, and with my little boys that is a big plus!”

Lina Patino

Mother & Volleyball Player

It’s So Easy To Use

Tear Open

Each strip is individually packed to allow you to take them anywhere.

Place Strip

Place strip in your mouth, for best results place strip under your tongue or in your cheek.


Wait 10 seconds for FlashRelease™ and then swallow.

Our Products Are:

Benefits Of Oral Thin Films

Traditional supplement delivery methods are very inefficient causing longer onset times, often hours, and very little of the actual active ingredients end up being used by your body, because of the low bioavailability those delivery methods have.

ThinVitamins Oral Strips uses patent pending FlashRelease™ technology which dramatically decreases the time it takes your body to start benefiting from the active ingredients. Because of FlashRelease™ technology, ThinVitamins Oral Strips have a much higher bioavailability then traditional methods.

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