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Why people love and feel better with ThinVitamins

“ThinVitamins has provided an easy way for me to take functional vitamins that help me everyday. Because of my growing career it is hard to carry and discreetly take supplements without advertising it to everyone around you. I didn’t want to be judge on what supplements I take. ThinVitamins has also been a life saver for travel because I am able to carry these with me and it takes up less space then a credit card. 10 out of 10 recommend.”

Michele Jenkins

Marketing Director

“Being a mother of 3 toddler boys, my days are filled with ups, downs, and my nights are often interrupted. ThinVitamins have been great because they provide what I need when I need it in a very simple way to consume and fast acting as well. That is what I like most if how fast the results come on. Being able to take them without water is so convenient, and with my little boys that is a big plus!”

Lina Patino

Mother & Volleyball Player

“I have had trouble sleeping for years. I have tried lots of different remedies to get to sleep, stay asleep, but all of them either didn’t work or made me feel more groggy in the morning. That’s when I found thinvitamins and tried the rest strip. It has helped my sleep so much. I will continue to use these and would recommend to anyone.”

Marie Bartel


“My adult son has had trouble with sleep for years, and it seemed all the sleep aids had side effects that would make things worse. That’s when I heard about thinvitamins and tried there rest strip. It has helped him so much with and in return now I am able to get some sleep too!”

Nancy Gray


“Thin Vitamins strips give me the tools I need to cope with any given situation, when I’m tired, I take an ENERGY and it totally wakes me up and keeps me alert, when I feel anxiety (which is often because I’m an entrepreneur) I take a CALM and very soon after, I feel OK and that I can keep moving forward. When I need to get a good nights sleep I take REST and I fall asleep pretty much when my head hits the pillow and wake up feeling recovered and ready to tackle the days tasks”

Johnny Murdock


“I used to take melatonin every night to help with falling asleep at a decent time. It never really worked and then I tried rest. This stuff WORKS! Not long after taking the strip I noticed how relaxed and sleepy I was feeling. It’s awesome because I am still able to get up in the night to care for my diabetes but am able to fall right back to sleep with no problems. I use it every night and love my ThinVitamins.”

Addi Mortensen

Race Car Driver

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