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Everything You Need to Know About Oral Dissolving Strips

Everything You Need to Know About Oral Dissolving Strips

What are Oral Dissolving Strips? 

Oral Dissolving strips are postage-stamp sized piece of film that dissolves in your mouth within a few seconds. They tend to be about 0.1-0.2mm in thickness and weigh approximately 100 mg. This means that you can easily take the product without fear of choking or needing any additional liquid. They contain supplements that release fast and give your body the biggest bang for its buck. 

What is the first pass effect? Why should I care?

The first pass effect is typically when the liver metabolizes the supplement you took. This prevents the product from actually reaching your cells. A study by Nutra Metab Insights demonstrated that less than 55% of all supplements taken, don’t even get to your cells.  This is basically like buying a $10 T-Shirt and it’s missing the whole backside worth of fabric. Kind of a rip-off and definitely not cool. 

On the other hand, a study of oral dissolving strips showed that 86% of the tested drug was released in 89 seconds, which enhanced cell absorption by 2.25 times. This means that your cells are actually getting the product you purchased for them. At least this time if you give someone $10, you’ll get back a T- shirt and not just a piece of fabric. 

Why can’t I just take a pill or a gummy? 

Plain and simple. Pills/gummies are inconvenient and don’t always give you what you need. There’s a multistep process involving pills. Needing water, doing your best to swallow, and having to deal with a terrible aftertaste, are just a few inconveniences of taking an actual pill. Combine that with the first pass effect removing half the nutrients, it may not be worth it.

Why Oral Dissolving Strips? 

There are many advantages of Oral Dissolving strips:

  • Convenience
  • No water needed
  • Great taste
  • No risk of choking
  • Higher bioavailability 
  • Dose accuracy

Oral Dissolving Strips are great for people who are on the go and value convenience. Since they usually are individually packaged, you can take them discreetly as you need. 

Should I give them a try?

No breaking, no choking, no calories, NO EXCUSES. By being the size of a stamp and tasting great, oral dissolving strips are much more convenient than gummies or pills ever will be. You can take them everywhere with no worries of them dissolving, melting or getting gross in your pocket. With higher absorption rates into your cells, oral dissolving strips are a no-brainer. This new delivery method makes fussing with your pills a thing of the past. So why not give them a try?




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